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Vertigo Mansion
Tips and Tricks
Rare Guide
Habbo Tricks

The Tricks of Habbo!

Chooser Command
A Chooser can ONLY be used by HC and Higher. The Chooser is what you use to find habbo's in the room, like flooders or a friend lost in the crowd... It's very useful for bisnesses and newbie's! To use it you enter :chooser in the text bar, then press enter. A box like the one below will appear showing you all the people in the room!


Preformance Command
The Preformance command will show you the preformance of Habbo Hotel at that very second! Its usless to habbo's with no scripting or HTML in there head...


Alt Code's
Alt Code's are like little picture you can put on the text bar, for fun, put alt then with Number Lock on and using the Numbers on the right...


Furni Command
This is used in company's and room interviewers. It is activated by typing in :furni on the text bar and pressing enter a small box will appear with all the furni in the room like the one below... But can only used by Gold Badge HC Members, HC Members on HC for over 13 months!!!


Mute Habbo/ Consle
Ever got angry when habbo's are sending you loads of Messege's through your consle when your trying to listen Xzibit or Ludacris!? I have... Now you can listen to Get back or Mean Muggin' without the hasstle, YES! MUTE YOUR CONSLE! A New reveloution from Habbox etc. You right click your habbo cilent (The Habbo Hotel Box that comes when your check in) then go to volume, then set it to Mute! Now you can listen Get Back or Mean Muggin' without the noisy part!


People in the Public...
Did you know that :chooser DOESN'T work in public places! So if you want to find people, hold shift and click on the public place you want, a small box like the one below will come up, showing you all the habbo's in that room!


Move Furni Faster!
Did you know if you hold down shift and click a item of ur furni or a piece of furni you have rites to move, then click the place you want it at! It's 10x faster than the clicking and the clicking again then the moving you know...
Taking Screenshots!
Got bored of using your SnagIt or oany other internet capture device? All you need to do is press Print Screen (or PrtSc SysRq, thats what is sometimes found on some keyboards)
Then you paste it on Paint etc. and edit it if you want...


lol laughing out loud
lmao laughing my a** off
rofl rolling on floor laughing
roflmao rolling on floor laughing my a** off
pmsl p***ing my self laughing
wth what the hell
omg oh my god
ty thank you
plz or pls please
np no problem
yw your welcome
brb be right back
btw by the way
gtg got to go
bk back
wb welcome back
brt be right there
bbs be back soon
bbl be back later
a/s/l or asl age / sex / location
kwl or kl cool
asap as soon as possible
w/e what ever
fyi for your information

Badge Visability
If you are in Habbo Club or above (Hobba etc.) you can turn your badge on and off, by clicking yourself and click the badge, if it is darkened it is off! When its on people can see the badge by clicking you, but when off they can't see it!
Habbo Club




Gold Habbo Club




Silver Hobba




Gold Hobba




Habbo Staff




Quick- Shout
If you want to whisper then shout, without the clicking? Just type what you want in the text box, then hold the shift key and press enter! Now you can whisper then shout very, very quickly!
Facial Expressions
Happy: :), :D, =), =D, :-}, :}, =], :], :-), :-], :-D, ^_^


Sad: :(, ;(, :<, :[, :-(, :-<, :-{, :-[, :{ 


Angry: >:(


Shocked: :o, :O, :@, :0


Scroll Bar in a Console Messege
To activate Scroll Bar in a Console Meesege, you press Control (Ctrl) and Enter then type the thing you wanted to say , then send your messege!
Super Glow Furni (Taken from Habbo Resources)

For this trick you will need an item of furni that lights up. For example this could be a lodge candle, skull candle or a beehive lamp. You will also need a lot of these, the more you have the better the glow. You will also need to have a table/bar to put them on as the furni has to be stacked - it cannot be done on the floor. Once you have all your furni (the item you are super-glowing and the bar/table you are putting them on) go to the room you want them to be in and put down the table. Then you simply put the other furniture on top of the table/desk and continue to put them on top. You might want to put all the furni that lights up in the room and turn them all on and then put them on the bar/table. Once you have put all your light up furni on the table/desk it should be super glowing. You can also remove the bar/table if you want to. An example of super-glowing furni is shown below:


Putting Ham on a Table
You can put food on table, but when they are at the wall, but to put them on in the middle of the room? Follow these Tips!
  1. Place a bar at the far closest end to the edge of the room
  2. Rotate the bar and set it on the Table, where it is at half
  3. Now you can put your furni or food on the part of the table closest to the edge of the room
  4. Move the bar at the far end of the table, yet still on the table
  5. You can now place another piece of furni or food on the middle of the table
  6. Now you need to put another bar on the floor next to the table at the far end, sitting sideways
  7. Now put the bar that is on the table onto the bar that you have just put down

  8. Now you can put your last piece of furni or food on the far end of the table!


Need some time to be alone? Need to make-out somewhere in private? NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THE MOB!? Here's some place you can hide...
The back of the Theatredrome on the Balcony


Habbo Cinema
Place is the entrance to the Screen, to get there highlight the square on the picture below and click it!


Skylight Lobby
This is at a 'Hole in the Wall', it looks like a hallway but its just nothing... to enter highlight the space on the picture, then you will enter!


Median Lobby
This is another 'Hole in the Wall' thing, just do the same as the Skylight Lobby hideout...


Basement Lobby
Another 'Hole in the Wall' and do the same instructions as the other two...


Welcome Lounge
This is behind the wall at the helping desk enterence, click the circle on the picture to get there!
N.B You may be kicked because you are blocking the enterence!


Ice Cafe
In the picture below there is a tiny dot at the side of the piller, thats the place you highlight and click!


Eric's Eaterie
There are four pillars in the eaterie, you can find a small dot beside them, click it and you will be unseen...


Highlight and click the place at the picture below, then you will acess it!


This spot is a little further up in the room. Again, highlight the square shown in the picture and click


Slice of Light
Hiding spot is behind the post at the entrance of the room. Highlight the square shown in the picture and click


Hallway 1 and 2 (Because they are very simiar)
Highlight and click the highlighted square on the picture, there are more places the same in Hallway 1 and 2



If you look very closly at the picture u can see a highlighted square behind the bronze man with the jey, click the highlighted square!



This is a good but difficult hiding place. The red circle shown in the picture is where you need to click. However if you just click you will leave the room. You need to click, but hold the mouse button down and move it away from the door and then let go of the mouse button


Hotel Kitchen
This is located behind a blue post near the far end wall, look at the highlighted square on the picture and click the same square on the picture in the Kitchen


Habbo Lido 1 and 2
If you look at the picture very carefully, you can a bit of a head.. This may happen. to get here click the duck about where the red circle is


To get here click at or around to circle. To get fully hidden click on someone in the pool, so you are facing it


For this you need to get into the swimming pool, so you will need to change into your swimming costume. Once you are in the pool section where the info box is click just below the box where the name goes and you should move under the Panel


Click the highlighted square on the picture to hide behind the post / arch / wall / pillar thing...



Rooftop Rumble 1 and 2
This is a picture I took, that you probobly not find anywhere else, when you enter the room stay there and you wont be seen! Or click and HOLD the square beside it, then move it away from the exit, and you will not be completly unseen, but 9.5/10 of your body will be hidden


Staying in the Divivng Area
You can stay in the diving area in the lido's. All you have to do is have a diving ticket. Take a dive, and then straight after the replay vote yourself 10. You should then stop heading for the ladder to exit the diving area, and you can stay in the diving area. (Move about a bit just incase the 'Voting yourself 10' doesnt work)


3rd Line in Mission (Mish)
To make your mission appear on the third line firstly go to change ID. Clear your mission so the mission box is empty. Then type Alt + 0157 (don't forget to put Num Lock on) then press space, type Alt + 0157 again, then press space again twice. Then continue to type Alt + 0157 until you fill the mission box. Press backspace a few times and then type your mission
N.B. Maxium 10 chacacters!


Different Dancing (Taken from Habbo Resources)
For this trick you will need a camera. You wont need any film, just the camera. Once you have a camera hold it (Open your hand, click on the camera and click 'shoot' on the popup box). Then start dancing. You will still hold the camera when dancing. To change your dance simply close the camera box. Now your dancing should be out of rhythm with the normal dancing. 


Tricks have been edited, updated, and done!

Vertigo Mansion @ Habbo Hotel UK