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Vertigo Mansion
Pre- Pay Card
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ANYONE in the UK can apply for a Splash Plastic card, it works in much the same way as a pay-as-you-go mobile phone - when the cash on the card runs out, you 'top it up'.

You can buy Habbo Credits in fixed bundles of 5 Credits, 10 Credits, 20 Credits, 50, 100 and 200 Credits using Splash Plastic.
WARNING: When you buy credits you MUST ALWAYS ask permission off whoever pays the bill. If you don't and they complain, or the payment is declined/cancelled then, any credits that are not paid for will be removed from your Habbo account, and you risk it being permanently banned from the site.

NOTE: Anyone attempting to buy credits when there are insufficient funds to cover the sale will be permanently banned from the site, we class this as theft and it will be dealt with as such.

Vertigo Mansion @ Habbo Hotel UK