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BT Click & Buy is a fast, simple and secure way to buy Habbo Credits online using credit card, debit card, online direct debit or your BT home telephone bill.

You can use BT Click & Buy even if you do not live in the UK.

You can buy Habbo Credits in fixed bundles of 10 Credits, 25 Credits, 50 Credits, 100 and 250 Credits with BT Click & Buy.

To use BT Click & Buy, you'll first need to open an online account, if you are under 18 then you will need to ask a a parent or guardian to open the account for you.

NEVER use your parents' credit card without their permission - it's against the law and they will find out. Any Habbo caught doing this will be permanently banned from the Hotel. Anyone attempting to buy credits when there are insufficient funds to cover the sale will be permanently banned from the site, we class this as theft and it will be dealt with as such.

PARENT INFO: It only takes a couple of minutes to create a BT Click & Buy account, you can choose to pay by online direct debit, debit card, credit card or even via your BT phone bill. From then on, whenever you want to buy Habbo Credits or products from any other BT Click & Buy sites, all you have to do is enter your unique BT Click & Buy username and password. This makes it easy for your children, or other approved account holders, to buy without revealing your payment or personal details.

To view your online account, at any time, just go to the 'My Account' area of the site. Use the 'Controls' area to keep track of your account, especially if you're not the only one using it. To ensure you don't go over a budget, you can even set spending limits for your children or other approved account holders.

The BT click&buy Customer Care Team is on hand between Monday and Friday 8am - 6pm and weekends and Bank Holidays 10am to 4pm, to answer any concerns you may have, you can contact them on 08702 406195.

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