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Vertigo Mansion
Lesson 1- Gettin' on the Decks
Rare Guide
Habbo Tricks

Welcome and thank you for choosing our Dj guide!
Lesson 1- Gettin' on the Decks
Sometimes people like 'Newbie's' will not who where to go to find a Dj Deck... Dj Decks are located at the Chromide Club and Club Massiva. Club Massiva's Dj decks are at the Underground place, the Decks are like a table with Dj Decks on them. Chromide Club's Dj Decks are at the Skylight place are are like big chucky Dj Decks. If someone is already using them, you will have to wait, if you know the trick...
The Trick
The Trick is where you put either Habbo Hotel UK DJ or UK HH DJ on your mission, some people will let you on them straight away, thats if they're fooled, or you can say you where hired by someone! This really does work half the time!


Vertigo Mansion @ Habbo Hotel UK