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Vertigo Mansion
Lesson 2- Greetings and Name
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Lesson 2
Part 1- Greetings
People like it when you greet them when your on the decks... plus other dj's see that you are the DJ at the moment, you can say almost anything, but people like when you say for example...
Hey, Everyone on da Floor! This is Dj.... Are you ready to PARTAY!?
People like it when your into the 'Game'. It shows them you can Dj, when you say something like this you must SHOUT! It means people can hear you.
Part 2- Names
When your on the decks people will ask questions or talk about Djing etc. They will answer you by your Dj name, this means you must have one!
How could I make a good Dj Name?
Most Dj's use there First or Second anme as there Dj name, but shorten or longen the word...
For example your first name is Richard= Dj Ricky
For example your second name is Bunny= Dj Fluffy
Sometimes people call themselves example Dj Yorkie because they live in York, but they longen or shorten the place word, because you wouldn't like to be called Dj Ireland...


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